Friday morning we woke up to rain, which looked set to go on all day.  We pottered up to Davie ‘Rainbow’ Village for a good American-style breakfast at Denny’s, and then Pete headed up Granville St to do some last bits of shopping, while Cat popped back to the hotel to get proper boots on and drop her stuff off, and head out for the long walk – down to the seawall just by Granville Bridge, and then all the way along it, round the peninsula of Stanley Park, along the edge of Coal Harbour, and then back up through town to the hotel again.  Given the weather, this was possibly slightly insane, but nevertheless it was quite fun until the combats had completely stuck to Cat, and the boots had turned into mini-puddles inside thanks to the rainwater running down the *inside* of the legs. Still, that didn’t happen till well after halfway round…

Cat found, further round from English Bay…
Second Beach
Third Beach
Prospect Point Lighthouse (tiny, just by the Lionsgate Bridge)
Random snake-head sculpture sticking out of a tree
“Girl in wetsuit” sculpture, sitting on a rock
the Kids Dryer (sadly not working so didn’t dry Cat off)
Beaver Creek (in the picture)
the Totem Poles
Dead Man’s Island (home to the Navy, apparently)

It took about 2 and a half hours. Cat was completely soaked through, but it was worth it, because now, she can say that she did it!  In the meantime, Pete had finished his shopping and headed for the Sports Bar, hockey, and a couple of pints in the warm and dry… !

The evening was rounded off with dinner at the Hamilton St Grill (yay steak) and then we headed back through the rain to the hotel to crash out earlyish so we could get up in time to pack next morning, ready for checkout at 12.