Thursday morning again started early, and skipping breakfast to get it on the North side, we headed back up to the Waterfront station to catch the seabus.  From the seabus we caught another bus up to Lynn Valley Canyon Park, and headed for the cafe… to discover it was closed. So, no food till we got back to Lonsdale for a late lunch, then.  However, we headed over to the bridge and trails.

First, you have to get to the main trails, which means crossing the suspension bridge.  It’s fairly solid, but it swings and bounces when people walk down it. If you’re Cat, this is scary, and you refuse to look down. If you’re Pete, it’s not scary, and you hang over the edge taking photos, despite the fact that it’s about 20 storeys high above a fast-flowing river!

Safely across, and we headed up the path to find the 30-foot pool.  The water there was incredibly green, and so clear, and Pete was happily skimming stones across the wider patch as Cat clambered over the rocks to look for the waterfall she could hear feeding into the pool.  Then we wandered back down the path, and once back at the suspension bridge, went the other direction, downstream to the Twin Falls. Sadly, the path takes you across a footbridge at the top of the falls so you’re looking down on them, but because of the way the canyon is, you can’t get down to the bottom on the paths.  Never mind, they were spectacular enough, thundering down through a narrow feeder mini-canyon into the falls, and then back into a slow, clear green river further on.

We clambered back up all the steps on the other side, and wandered up to look round the gift shop and Ecology Centre, before heading for a bus back to Lonsdale Quay.

At Lonsdale we headed for the market and its food courts to find some lunch, and then set off in different directions – Pete headed for the seabus, and back to the hotel via a couple of shops, before wandering down to the Sports Bar to have a drink and enjoy the Thanksgiving NFL games.  Cat wandered round the market first, and then caught the seabus back and walked into Gastown to look round the big tourist shops for the last bits of souvenir shopping before heading back to the hotel to drop stuff off, and then out to the sea-wall at Sunset Beach, and then along it up to English Bay while the sun set.  Sadly, it was too cloudy for much of a sunset, but the heron that was pottering along the beach made up for it.  Finally, we both made it back to the hotel room and crashed out with the Canucks game on TV for the evening!