Wednesday’s forecast was good, so we woke up reasonably early, Cat checked the forecast, and then we headed for Seabus and bus to Grouse Mountain.  One cable-car ride up the mountain later, and we got to the top around 11, and stopped for cake before heading out to see what there was.  Sadly, not enough snow for any winter sports, nor for the sleighride, but there was some snow, stunning views, a frozen-over pond to skate on, and reindeer, and Pete’s favourite – the ziplines!  We started by wandering around the little patch that’s the main area of Grouse Mountain, where the chalet is, and the ski-lifts all meet.  We stopped to look at the views, wandered over to see if we could find the grizzly bears (they were hiding), paused to look at the wonderful wood carvings, said hi to the reindeer, and then headed for the skate hire.  We spent well over an hour out skating on the pond before deciding it was time for lunch, which we grabbed in the little hamburger-and-fries place that did the cake, and ate with a view out over English Bay and Vancouver, just stunning.

After lunch we headed back out to the ice for a bit, and then decided to see if we could find out about the ziplines.  We wandered up to the building we were told they were running from, paid our fees, and then it was time to harness up, have the safety talk, and head for the ziplines.  The first was fairly slow, fairly flat, and very short, just to get you in practice.  The second was quite steep, long, and definitely one to practise the screaming on, whizzing through the trees and across the lake for 14 seconds.  The third was shorter, a bit more gentle, and you pushed yourself off, just back across the lake to the north shore.  Once everyone in the group had made it down to the bottom, we picked up our trolleys and set off on the walk back up the side of the mountain to the top.  We arrived just in time for the end of the sunset, and then headed back out to the cablecar, and back across to downtown Vancouver.  We wandered from the Seabus up to the Keg for an excellent dinner, and then headed home, where Pete went out to the Sports Bar to see what the hockey was doing, and Cat stayed home to relax.