Sunday we slept in late, so we didn’t get out of the house till lunchtime.  We wandered up into town, and headed for the Harbour Centre, and its full-circle observation deck.  A ticket to the observation deck lasts all day, so we went straight up to the top to have a look out over Vancouver in the daylight – picking out Grouse Mountain, just over the water in North Vancouver; Lonsdale Quay, where the seabus goes, Mt Baker, over to the East, and the huge expanse that is Greater Vancouver!

After that, we went to get some lunch in an American-style diner in the foodcourts, serving a very English Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding (for Pete) and all-day breakfast (for Cat!).  Well-fed once again, we wandered down to the seawall at the Convention Centre.  Along with numerous others, we pottered along the seawall towards Stanley Park in the sunset, watching the glass towers change colour with the sun as it slowly got darker.  Eventually, we turned inland and headed back up to the Harbour Centre to have a look out over Vancouver at night, before heading to the Elephant and Castle pub for dinner (where Pete had his second Sunday Roast of the day).