Saturday was somewhat busier.  We got ourselves out of bed at a sensible hour, and headed down to the sports bar for 9.30am, to have our breakfast and watch the Man Utd match which they were showing on Setanta, across half of the 14 screens in the bar.

After a good filling breakfast, which subsequently lasted us right through to dinnertime, we headed up Granville – past the various x-rated stores and 25 cent peep shows, past the heavy metal clothing stores (guns n roses baby outfits!) and up into the centre of downtown.  We wandered through Gastown, stopping for a look at the steam-powered clock, and down into Chinatown to have a look at the Chinese-style little park in the sun, before pottering back to the nearest Skytrain station to go up to the waterfront.

We headed on round to the IMAX with its 10 sails on the roof, and stopped for a showing of “Fly me to the moon”, in 3D.  After that, we went to head back to the hotel and then out for some dinner, discovering that it’s much pleasanter to walk up Burrard than Granville at night, and stopping at the food market for some fruit and chocolate while we were at it!

We headed down to Hamilton St in Yaletown for our dinner, at a rather good steakhouse, and then replete to an elegant sufficiency, we headed home to our bed.