Tuesday was our ‘travel’ day.  It was also Remembrance Day, so when Cat popped out for a walk early she saw the military and news people setting up in the drizzle, ready for a parade later on, and all the flags at half-mast.

Breakfast latish at the hotel, then packing finished and we checked out, heading back across to the bus station to catch our bus back to Vancouver.  As before, we went up to the Schwarz Bay ferry terminal, and headed for the buffet lunch on the ferry.  It was raining (we had the best of the weather for our whale-watching) so we stayed in this time, and played scrabble in the lounge all the way across to Tsawwassen.  The bus dropped us back, this time at the bus/train terminal, and we went to pick up our tickets and wait for the train to Seattle.

Unexpectedly, the train to Seattle turned out to have a check-in system somewhat similar to an airport, so we queued up to be assigned our seats, completed our visa waiver forms (with a phonecall to check Loralei & Joel’s address), and went through the US customs check-point and onto our train.  The baggage got left downstairs, and we went up to our seats upstairs… we had never seen so much legroom before!  After a longish wait on the train (boarding starts early), we set off at 6pm for the 4 hour train journey down to Seattle where we were met by Joel & Lora 🙂