We set off this morning with our picnic, heading across the moors for Grosmont, one end of the line for the steam-powered North York Moors Railway (normal trains run through to Middlesborough & Whitby too, but we weren’t interested in those).  Sadly, we’d missed a train so we had to wait an hour for the next – which gave us time to wander down to the workshop and have a look at the other engines as well.  Onto the train and into the first-class carriages – Hogwarts, anyone? Lovely comfy seats and a small compartment to ourselves, and with a whistle and a puff we were off to Pickering, through Goathland (heartbeat country, this), Levisham and into Pickering – admiring the sun on the heather, and the stream that runs down the valley.  Hopped off one end of the train and back on at the other end – front three carriages only to get off anywhere other than Grosmont, it’s a long train and short platforms – and 15 minutes later they’d put the engine back on the other end and we were heading back out of PIckering (wave at the FMH) and up the line again.  We only went as far as Goathland this time, where we jumped off the train and stopped for a look at the map… ah, that’s where the waterfall is!

So, off up the road through Goathland – they’d been filming, they were busy taking down the Police Station signs, and the hotel signs – and down the footpath to Mallyan Spout we went – our planned picnic in the heather was adjusted to cope with the wind, to a picnic at the bottom of the footpath by the pretty stream, before we scrambled over the rocks down the “path” to find the waterfall – worth the scramble, it was very pretty!  And then we scrambled back to the main footpath, which the map said would join up with the “rail trail” along the disused railway line from Goathland to Grosmont.  Over the hill and down the pretty scenery, we found the Rail Trail. For all of about 20 metres, and then we lost it again in Beck Hole… never mind. A look at a couple’s map, and we wandered up the road (yes, definitely up) until we found the bridleway we’d spotted, and hoping that it was the right one, we set off down it to find our way to Grosmont – a very pretty walk across the fields and over the hills later, and we found ourselves at the back of the church, and dropped down the path into Grosmont just in time to wave off the last train to Pickering.  Our feet were very pleased to see the car!