Pete’s first trip to Whitby this week was on Monday, with Andy, while Cat was out visiting some friends for dinner – they watched the sunset and found some chips in town before pottering back home to Hinderwell.  On Wednesday, we went together to see what Whitby would show us.  Parking up on West Cliff, we wandered along the prom at the top of the seafront, and stopped for a game of minigolf – good thing we didn’t lose a golf ball over the edge, it was a long way down to the beach!  Under the whalebone arch and down to the harbourside, stopping to look at the various boat trips offered and then wandering along the edge of the harbour and across to the other side of down.  We climbed up the 199 steps – someone has very kindly chalked the numbers on every other step so that you don’t have to count them – and wandered past St Mary’s Church and up to the Abbey, where Cat found a bench and admired the view and enjoyed the sun while Pete was more cultural and went to have a proper look at the Abbey ruins and lake!  Back down the steps to find lunch in town, and then up the high street to hunt for more jigsaws to keep us occupied in the evenings (only 5 TV channels!) before finally wandering up some of the less touristy and very elegant shopping streets and back to the car (via icecream on the seafront).

We headed on down the coast to visit Robin Hood’s Bay, which turned out to be yet another fishing village of two halves, with some lovely cottages and little crafty shops on the steep hill down into town.  Tide was in, so beach was inaccessible, and we just stopped at the bottom of the slipway for a little look around before heading back up that hill (lots of hills in this part of the world) and home again.