Tuesday afternoon, beautiful sunshine and we were having a lazy day until Cat decided the sunshine was just too good to waste and headed out to walk the mile down the road to Staithes.  Like Runswick Bay, Staithes is a town of two halves, with the new half at the top along and just off the main road.  Tourists are stopped at the top to park in the big carpark, so everyone has to walk down this steep hill into the village!  With a stream running through it, and alleys going every which way, it’s fun to explore round all the little houses – the small high street and craft shop supplying some cards and stamps, and a couple of hours spent sitting out on the rocky harbour walls in the sun, watching the waves crash into the harbour walls and the cliffs writing a letter and being very wary of the spray!  Stopping on the way back to admire the crabs a couple nearby were catching, and then sitting back down where the beck enters the harbour, transfixed by the movements of the waves, reflecting back off the sheer vertical concrete wall with the houses all on top of it.  Looking up at the road to Cowbar and the Cleveland Way, and then heading back across the river and up the road back to Hinderwell as the sun disappeared behind the evening clouds.