Now for one of the real memory-lane trips – after all, why else would you go to Redcar, it’s not exactly one of those tourist hotspots that Yorkshire is filled with.

A very, very windy seafront was the starting point of our visit – we wandered along, stopping to look at the man painting the dustbins blue, and the pretty fencing that was inspired by Pete’s dad while he was on the council.  We passed the rundown Leo’s, glad to see that it’s closed and being changed; past the cinema – how often do you see a single screen that’s showing the most up-to-date film? Looking pretty, too. Eventually we ended up at the penguins, sad to see that they are no longer looking at a street sign telling them how to get to the North Pole, but instead, they can find out how to get the train station – at any rate, it’s telling them how to get out of there!  We wandered down the main high street, stopping to admire the rare sight of a closed-down McDonald’s, and for an icecream followed by fish and chips, before battling the wind back along the seafront to the car.  A tour of the town followed, past the old leisure centre, and the old house and schools, and out of town to the road across the moors.