After Redcar, we headed out across the Moors for a second drive across – the first drive, on Saturday, when the satnav took us that random route, showed us that the moors were at just the right time to look lovely with the heather.  This time, we were heading back to Pickering, where we’d already stopped for a look at the old FMH that Pete used to live in, but we were going the “pretty way”.  We drove past Rosedale Abbey, and then up the 1:3 Chimney Bank (fun for the driver!) to stop for a look at the views from the top before we headed down through Hutton-le-Hole (“the local honeypot”) and back out across the top of the heather-covered moors towards Pickering.  We stopped by the roadside to admire the heather some more, and finally drove down into Pickering, past Pete’s old school and back out of town towards Whitby on the main road.