Our one full day in Victoria, we intended to use it to the full!  After a good breakfast at the hotel (and a *black* squirrel sighting), we headed out to the Prince of Whales for our Zodiac whale-watching tour.  We signed our lives away, and then headed through with the rest of the trippers to get suited up in our stunningly fashionable fluorescent orange full-body whalewatching suits, with matching hi-liter orange hats.  Out to the boat we all went, and clambered into our seats, admiring the rainbow that seemed to be constantly visible from one side or the other throughout the day.

We headed slowly out of the harbour, and then once we hit open water, the throttle was opened up and we headed for where the humpbacked whales had been spotted the previous day.  We cruised around for a bit, with ‘radar’ in touch with ‘office’ on the shore, and eventually there was a call from the captain: “We’ve got whales!”.  We headed over to where he’d spotted the spouting whale, and excitement ensued as we all stood up and tried to see this whale he’d found.  Eventually we got closer, and the whale was clear and paraded beautifully past our boat, coming up for air several times before diving down with a beautiful show of his tail on the way.  After a 5 minute wait for the deep-dive, he reappeared again nice and close, and then dived straight for our boat (this is why the boat is bright yellow), before going deep again. We didn’t wait for him to come back up, but instead headed for the lighthouse where killer whales (orcas) had been reported earlier… I’m still not sure whether or not it’s a good thing that we didn’t actually manage to find them!  It was a really pretty ride down the coast and islands, and we did stop to see the (very noisy) sealions on the ‘single males only’ rock beside the lighthouse, before heading back to the harbour as our time was up.

We wandered up to find some lunch at the food courts, and then headed back to the hotel to pick up our hire car and head out along the coast a bit. We drove out to the East Sooke peninsula, and stopped to admire the views, before heading a little further through Sooke and then deciding it was time to turn around and head back to Victoria.  We dropped off the car, picked up takeaway for dinner, and went back for a quiet evening at the hotel.