Having arrived safely at Heathrow with plenty of time to spare, we whizzed through the check-in queue – no emergency exit (extra legroom) seats, but at least we got a pair by the window – and headed for departures.  A quick wander round, and we settled in the O’Neills for lunch, finishing just in time for the football… sadly, we had to leave with the score still at 1-0 to Arsenal (although Utd lost 2-1 anyway, so it wasn’t too sad).

One 10-hour flight later, which Cat slept through while Pete watched as many of the in-flight movies as he could fit in, and we arrived in the gorgeous Vancouver airport, made it through passport control in 5 minutes and spent another 20 waiting for our baggage, before we got a taxi up to our hotel for the night: the Sandman DownTown.

We popped over to the theatre (literally, over the road) to pick up our tickets, dodging Canucks fans as we went, and then after steak dinner in the hotel restaurant, we headed back across to the theatre for Ballet BC’s Fairie Queen.  Sadly, due to a combination of Pete dropping off every 30 seconds, and the fun bit being in the first half, we didn’t stay for the second half, and instead headed back to the hotel to get some sleep – we had an early start the next morning.